TVP's Scholarship Program

Help TVP to send 100 Tibetan students to college

“I want to see Tibetans to become entrepreneurs, doctors, dentists, teachers, lawyers and be viable competitors in this rapidly changing economic landscape.” -  Tamdin Wangdu, founder of TVP

TVP’s scholarship program currently supports 25 Tibetan students through one-on-one sponsorship. These students attend either high school (grades 10-12), vocational training, or college in Tibet. Given the dire need and priority to increase access to education for Tibetan youth living on the plateau, TVP's goal is to increase our sponsored scholarships from 25 to 100 over the next three years. Each student costs $900 annually.

While infrastructure and enrollment in primary schools have improved in recent years, the rising cost of higher education and the use of Chinese as the only language of instruction makes it difficult for Tibetan students from poor rural communities to complete their college education without assistance. For example, a family of three children needs to spend over $2,500 for tuition alone. This is more than combined annual income of a family in rural Tibet. Some of the students TVP supports through this sponsorship program have lost one or both parents, and others are first generation of girls attending college.

How It Works...

Consider giving a gift of education by sponsoring a student. For $75 a month, or $900 annually. This covers 90% of the tuition in most colleges and universities such as Tibet University and Kangding Teachers’ college for a year. TVP decided to provide a fixed amount of tuition assistance to more students rather providing full scholarship to fewer students. This also allows TVP to keep the program administration costs lower and leverage the investment of others, including the students themselves. As a sponsor, you will have an opportunity to hear directly from your student once a year and meet him or her if you wish to visit Tibet with TVP's Conscious Journeys program. Please visit to learn more. Help us provide access to a better future for a Tibetan student today.

"I am studying International Business at Southwest University for Nationalities and it would have not been possible without the assistance. After I finished my school, I want to work for someone or start my own business”. 
 - A Scholarship Recipient


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