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Friendship Circle Supporters make a special commitment to support Tibetans in Tibet by providing steady, reliable core funding for TVP. Thanks to your monthly pledge, we know we will have the funds when needed to respond to emergencies and sustain ongoing program work. Learn more about our Impact and join our effort today.

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FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE: Both effective and convenient, monthly giving sustains TVP’s critical projects over the course of one or even several years. By contributing $10, $20, $50, or $100 each month, you will insure that families in need get warm tents, schools get teachers and books, villages have access to medical supplies, and business loans are provided to encourage economic independence and stability.

How? You can sign-up our monthly giving program by simply setting up automatic credit donations here. You can decide the amount and duration and cancel anytime you like. Thus, you'll never need to write another check or send in another renewal—and you will help us save money on administrative fees.

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Learn about sustainable support.

Tibetans helping  themselves with micro-loans & small business training.

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