What We Do


  • 1,468 students received school supplies in 19 primary schools
  • 7 greenhouses built to improve malnutrition of school children
  • 27 graduated and 35 currently supported with goal of reaching 100 scholarships 
  • 2 schools built and 3 schools have renovated/improved
  • 100 solar lantern distributed to extend study hours in nunneries
  • 5 shower-house built for school children
  • 4 bridges built/renovated for safe-passage of school children including 15,000 community members 
  • 5 medical clinic established (built, leased, or rented)
  • 14,750 people treated from the permanent medical clinics
  • 3,675 people have treated through mobile medical clinic program before the clinics
  • 830 people participated in health education trainings
  • 2 community waste centers built to improve hygiene and sanitation
  • 3 composting toilets built to improve hygiene and sanitation
  • 1 PV system installed for a medical clinic
  • 4 water project completed to improved water sanitation
  • 12 water purification system designed, tested and installed
  • 300 earthquake victim families in Yushu received winterized tents (~$200,000)
  • 450 people have received dental care via Conscious Journeys Dental Mission 
  • 15 business training workshops conducted
  • 269 entrepreneurs have trained
  • 102 microloans provided (about 70% of them are still running)
  • 92% payback rate on required payments
  • $230,000 re-invested through revolving loan program in the field
  • 50 microbusiness received start-up grant and in-kind support including storefront tents in Yushu

Conscious Journeys

  • 39 service trips organized between 2006 to 2013
  • 229 people have participated in the program and travelled to Tibet
  • 15 volunteer projects completed with focus around women and children
  • Conscious Journeys revenue represents 15% of donations which reduces TVP administrative costs
  • 80% of alumni stay engaged, contribute and serve as ambassadors for TVP and Tibet
Will you join with us part of our effort? Please learn more about our projects and schedule a call to discuss collaboration opportunity today! 
Ways to Involve


  • $25 purchase school supplies for a month in primary school 
  • $75 a month, or $900 annually support one college student. Learn
  • $350 provides stipend for a school teacher in a rural school. Learn


  • Provides stipend for a healthcare worker in a rural medical clinic. Learn
  • Improve our water purification system
  • Travel with us to Tibet to improve sanitation. Learn
  • Collaborate on our next heath education training

Business Development 

  • Become a mentor for a Tibetan social entrepreneur in Tibet who speak English via Skye. Learn
  • Consider investing in entrepreneurs and businesses on the Tibetan Plateau and  watch how $2,500 will keep working for years to become through our revolving loan fund. Learn
  • Become part of the collaborative network of Tibetan Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (TSEI) by joining our annual forum in USA or traveling to Tibet.Learn
Travel to Tibet
  • We invite you to learn more about our volun-tourism program and consider embarking on a Conscious Journey! Learn
  • Need a good travel agency in Lhasa? Potala Travel is a Lhasa that owned and operated by native Tibetans. Learn
  • Want travel to Kham and Admo? Check our Tibet Travel Co-op, a collection of community based tourism program. Learn 
Involve in USA
  1. Be part of a community of supporters in your area by organizing or attending an Evening for Tibet. Benefit Dinners 
  2. Have time to volunteer via online or at our Colorado Office? Please contact us today.

Success Stories

Learn about sustainable support.

Tibetans helping  themselves with micro-loans & small business training.

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