Investing In Tibet's Future

Education in Rural Tibet: Education has long been an area of major concern for all of us at TVP.  Rural areas of Tibet have very low literacy rates and a large proportion of people in rural communities where TVP serves have never had the opportunity to benefit from a formal education.  Most rural Tibetans make their livelihoods through farming, which is still done, for the most part, using the same methods that have existed in the region for thousands of years.  Children are needed to work on the farm with their parents in order to ensure their families' survival and, unfortunately, this means that education takes a back seat.  The condition of schools and their staffing is also a big problem.  Supplies are always running low and there are often not even enough desks, forcing children to stand at the back of the classroom.  Rural Tibetan schools have difficulty finding enough funding to pay their teachers' salaries.  As a result, schools frequently have high turnover rates among teachers who are often not very well educated themselves.

Chinese national policies require all children to have at least nine years of primary and middle school education.  Any further education, such as high school or college, must be paid for by the student or their families.  In many cases, students must work hard to secure scholarships.

Education Impact

  • 1,468 students received school supplies in 19 primary schools

  • 7 greenhouses built to improve malnutrition of school children

  • 27 graduated and 35 currently supported with goal of reaching 100 scholarships 

  • 2 schools built and 3 schools have renovated/improved

  • 100 solar lantern distributed to extend study hours in nunneries

  • 5 shower-house built for school children

  • 4 bridges built/renovated for safe-passage of school children including 15,000 community members

Our Current Focus
  • Teachers' Stipends: TVP currently supports teachers from several schools in Kham and Central Tibet by providing stipends to school teachers on a yearly basis.  This helps ensure that students benefit from more permanent and dedicated teachers.
  • School Supplies: TVP continues to provide much needed school supplies, warm coats, and blankets to schools. Most of the school supply fundraising and distribution is undertaken by volunteers who travel to Tibet on Conscious Journey trip.
  • Scholarships: Consider giving a gift of education by sponsoring a student. For $75 a month, or $900 annually. This covers 90% of the tuition in most colleges and universities such as Tibet University and Kangding Teachers’ college for a year. TVP decided to provide a fixed amount of tuition assistance to more students rather providing full scholarship to fewer students. Learn more
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