"It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” - Dr. (Indiana) Jones

Posted on 2/8/2012 by TVP Site

It’s been 10 years since Tibetan Village Project went from a vision to reality, and much has changed in the lives of those impacted by TVP’s tireless efforts. How many miles, steps, countless triumphs and tragedies have been traversed these past 10 years is hard to say. Having been a close friend, volunteer, co-worker, roommate, travel buddy, lost companion, and like a family member to Tamdin since 2005, I have been fortunate to witness not only the cultivation of his professional & humanistic depth, but also the development of Tamdin the individual.

Many miles have been traveled, worn, lived these past 10 years globally, internally, and intimately in ways that are beautifully imperfect and profoundly inspiring.  For instance, I have less (and gray) hair while Tamdin’s hair has somehow gotten bigger.  I’ve married and moved to South America while Tamdin has divorced, and seemingly lives among the world. Despite the inevitable influx of transition, I love that I have been able to experience how life’s edge has honed Tamdin, and how he continues to transform challenge into a path that uplifts, inspires, and impacts the world in a most needed way.

This is not to say that Tamdin is perfect, but rather perfectly imperfect – in the most human of ways.  Unlike other nonprofit founders and would-be do-gooders, Tamdin doesn’t conjure false legends and folklore to propel his ego, or his organization.  Instead, he works, grows, fails, succeeds, and continually aspires to create a difference in the world while experiencing his life – of joy and heart-ache, laughter and longing for the meaning of it all.

Given the extraordinary journey of TVP, and all the unseen transformation that fuels its success, it makes sense that a new website be designed to mirror the heart, stature, and essence of TVP in 2012.  Having worked long hours and shared many bowls of thukpa with Tamdin, I was beyond honored to be presented with the task.  Ultimately, our goal was to create a visually impactful, user-friendly, dynamic site that clearly embodies the mission, accomplishments, and direction of Tibetan Village Project.

We chose rich colors, a clean background, and a pinch of Tibetan pattern to bring it all together.  Vibrant images convey a visual journey while the new blog section and success stories seek to engage, share, and inspire members and supporters.  The site incorporates an invigorated menu to clearly define our mission, what we do, and how visitors can directly impact the lives of those we empower and educate.  Finally, the new logo, attempts to capture the essence of TVP’s work: to create a bridge between communities and resources, individuals and education, Tibetans and the world at large.  The bridge - composed of social enterprise programs, cultural & environmental awareness, micro-loans, and business training - provides the possibility for sustainable development and traditional preservation for years to come.

As you navigate its pages, enjoy, perhaps even vicariously experience the weathered miles TVP has traveled these past 10 years.  Through the distant stories and vivid smiles, we hope you feel a renewed inspiration not only to support Tamdin’s work, but also to continue to uplift the world (and your life) through one act of kindness at a time.

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