Building Greenhouses in Tibet

Posted on 1/20/2012 by TVP Site in greenhouses health students nutrition

Malnutrition among Tibetan children is rampant and has resulted in startling rates of stunted growth. TVP plans to build 10 greenhouses. After our first pilot greenhouse project in 2006, TVP has finished building 8 of 10 planned greenhouses. Each greenhouse cost $1700 - $3000 dependig on the size, location and materals, etc.

Benefit: The greenhouse provides food, promotes healthier diet and generates income with surplus vegetables from high yield season. The greenhouse extends the growing season from four months to ten months and produces vegetables. Vegetables from the greenhouses will feed and improve the health of about 1,200 school children in Tibet. Design: The greenhouse ranges from 10 x 20 to 30 x 40 and uses metal tube and wood for the beams; mud, stone and wood for the structure; heavy duty plastic for the cover and fabric blanket for basic the insulation.

Coordination: Before starting the actual construction, TVP looks into sustainability of each greenhouse project by looking into issues of whether or not schools have viable soil to grow vegetables, adequate water supply and able to maintain the greenhouse. Project beneficiaries provide the land and local villagers volunteer with general labor to help the experienced Tibetan greenhouse builders.

Maintenance and Operation: A gardener receives about $50 per month to take care of the greenhouse, grow the vegetables, and prepare daily lunch for the school children. In addition, TVP purchases dietary supplemental food such as flour and rice that go into Tsampa, Tibet's staple, and vegetables. With school supplies and teaching stipends, TVP need your financial support to keep these schools in operation.

We Need Your Help: The children need your financial support to make this planned project into reality. No donation is too small or too big. If you and your friends, family members or Club are able to fund one greenhouse as a group, we will be happy name this project in your honor. Please contact us if you are interested or know someone.
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