Thankful This Thanksgiving

Posted on 11/25/2013 by TVP Site in Tamdin Wangdu Tibetan Village Project Tibetan Burned Thanksgiving Tonglen

Surviving 3rd degree burns & appreciating this precious life by Tamdin Wangdu

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Tibet Ecowaste Internship

Posted on 11/15/2013 by TVP Site

Tibetan Village Project invites you to become part of a multi-phased approach to begin solving these issues: (1) environmental education awareness, (2) building waste bins, (3) teaching innovative recycling methods, (4) and creating demand for recycled materials. Starting Spring 2014, TVP will organize 5 University teams to research and come up with an economic use for waste.

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Tibet Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (TSEI)

Posted on 6/19/2013 by TVP Site in Tibet Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Social entrepreneurship

Jerry Colonna, Trustee of the Tibetan Village Project, writes about the recent inaugural Compassion in Action forum. The 2013 Compassion in Action Forum is a collaboration initiated by Tibetan Village Project where scholars, development experts, NGOs, entrepreneurs and philanthropists met at Naropa University on April 20th, 2013, to discuss how social entrepreneurship could serve as a vehicle to address social change on the Tibetan Plateau.

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A sponsor's reflection

Posted on 10/23/2012 by TVP Site in tibetan students Scholarship Program Education

Sarah Schumann, a supporter of Tibetan Village Project from Denver, Colorado traveled to Tibet to meet with her sponsored student and his family. She shares her reflection of this special experience.

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Competitive Internship

Posted on 10/4/2012 by TVP Site in Competitive Internship Travel to Tibet Water Delivery

Tibetan Village Project Announces Competitive Internship Program to Address Water Delivery and Purification in Rural Tibet

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Tibetan quake victims fight China government land grab

Posted on 4/27/2012 by TVP Site in Yushu earthquake victims land grab Yushu earthuake

Tibetan quake victims fight China government land grab

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"It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” - Dr. (Indiana) Jones

Posted on 2/8/2012 by TVP Site

It’s been 10 years since Tibetan Village Project went from a vision to reality, and much has changed in the lives of those impacted by TVP’s tireless efforts. How many miles, steps, countless triumphs and tragedies have been traversed these past 10 years is hard to say. Having been a close friend, volunteer, co-worker, roommate, travel buddy, lost companion, and like a family member to Tamdin since 2005, I have been fortunate to witness not only the cultivation of his professional & humanistic depth, but also the development of Tamdin the individual.

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Building Greenhouses in Tibet

Posted on 1/20/2012 by TVP Site in greenhouses health students nutrition

Malnutrition among Tibetan children is rampant and has resulted in startling rates of stunted growth. TVP plans to build 10 greenhouses. After our first pilot greenhouse project in 2006, TVP has finished building 8 of 10 planned greenhouses. Each greenhouse cost $1700 - $3000 dependig on the size, location and materals, etc.

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Help a Student Fulfill Dreams, Build Their Community

Posted on 1/20/2012 by TVP Site in traditional education tibetan students

Consider helping to provide scholarships for students in high schools (grades 10-12), vocational training and colleges.

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